About Us

About Us

Klinik Kita is one of the fastest growing primary care chains in the Klang Valley. We started with a single clinic in 1988 at Pandan Jaya, providing our esteemed patients the very best in terms of medical care and expertise. We grew and expanded over the years and today we have 10 branches all over Kuala Lumpur’s expanding vicinity.

In continuing this tradition, we will be building a more enhanced, cohesive and dynamic organization, to bring quality healthcare more accessible and affordable to all. We invite one and all to join us in our vision for the future.

We hope to extend our services to you and with your support, together we can make the vision for better health for Malaysians a reality. A goal that will see us as an advanced and socially cohesive society with a high standards of living and quality of life, where health is indeed wealth.

Klinik Kita Sdn Bhd as we are known today, embodies this commitment.

Corporate Policy

It is our primary policy to achieve and maintain excellence and affordability in providing comprehensive healthcare services to the general Malaysian public, as well as our corporate clients in the commercial and industrial sectors.

This policy is implemented through our extensive and expanding network of 10 clinics, and complemented by other healthcare facilities such as audiometry and spirometry, and occupational hygiene monitoring. Almost all of our clinics are fully equipped with X-Ray, Ultrasound and ECG facilities.

We are fully supported by dedicated teams of doctors, nursing staff, managers and maintenance crew. More than anything else, it is our people that make us special.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple:

We, the undersigned, pledge to serve the community to the best of our ability and to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment for all our patients and workers, without fear and favour. We hope to give you the best of service from meeting our nurses at the counter to collecting the medicine from the pharmacy, whilst being your friendly neighborhood clinic.

Klinik Kita Sdn Bhd as we are known today, embodies this commitment.