Our People

Klinik Kita prides itself in ensuring all the staff employed have the relevant qualifications and experiences in the fields for which they are employed, may they be doctors, management, medical assistants, maintenance crew and the support staff.

The three basic and essential traits of a crew member at Klinik Kita are:

  1. Sincerity in all aspects including attitude, work, relationship
  2. Strict adherence to follow instructions to ensure compliance to S.O.P and protocols.
  3. Continuous learning not only in the fields of their employment but in all aspects of life.

Towards nurturing a formidable team spirit, at Klinik Kita, we organize social events and activities among the staff. Participation is open to the staff and immediate family members. The spirit of comradeship goes a long way towards building team spirit among the staff. Each and every employee is an important member of Klinik Kita family.


Klinik Kita Sdn Bhd as we are known today, embodies this commitment.